Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The internet of things, a glimpse of what is arriving at your house

In 1992 while speaking to a rural Hospital Association, I introduced the possibility that within the near future, there would be more nonhuman connections to the internet than human connections. Today we have the “internet of things” be introduced. Your refrigerator, oven, door locks and light switches and now motion detectors etc. are being introduced. The internet of things and the introduction of the cloud creats cause and effect activities to occure at your discreation. For example you drive into the garage and a light comes on in the living room, or some one opens the door and a light comes on for a predetermined time. At the same time you are notified on your smart phone of what is going on.

We started our integration of this process with the purchase of a Nest thermostat. When we leave the house and the thermostat does not sense movement, it automatically goes into away mode - turning down the heat in winter and raing the thermostat in summer. When we head home I simply check my smart phone and turn the thermostat to “home” and it returns to the normal settings so when we open the door the house I environment is perfect. This thermostat does more than that but it gives you an idea.

Check out this report by Walt Mossberg, as is an introduction of how the internet of “things” is truly coming to your house.



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