Friday, December 14, 2012

A personal insight into cancer

I have been married for going on 51 years, I always knew this woman was tough as most nurses are, but that spiritual stamina was sorely tested 6 months ago with the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Since that time she has completed one four month tour of Chemo Therapy, with the trials and tribulations that entails. It wasn't the nausea, there was none, nor was it sleep issues that got her down, it was the fatigue and neuropathy that pressed her spirit down, but she kept pushing on.

It has been four months since the port was put in and chemotherapy was started. The therapy plan the oncologist used delivered results and she is now on a chemo “vacation” for three months.

I do not write this to expose our personal battle with this disease, but to emphasize the wonders of modern medicine. What was once the scourge of chemo therapy, nausea, is all but eliminated today. What once was treating cancer with a shotgun approach, is now treated with a proton beam. What was once a sure death sentence is a conclusion that in many cases may no longer be true. Finally what was a one size fits all approach is moving toward individual based approach.

We may or may not win this battle only time and the good Lord will tell. What I can say with certainty is that we will have more quality time together then we would have had a decade ago. That being true, just think what the case will be in the next decade.

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