Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you really ready for Healthcare's changes?

If you are the average healthcare provider, you probably are not as well prepared for what is coming your way as you may think. Brian Fonseca, who writes for InfoWorld, said “As a traditionally modest adopter of new technologies and ideas, the healthcare industry has stood idly by as other industries move toward a greater interconnectedness with customers through a wireless environment that can improve daily business practices.” What makes this statement somewhat damning, is the person who wrote it and where he wrote it. It seems that everyone else knows healthcare is behind except for healthcare.”

Within the last several days, $500 billion in Medicare cuts, an increase in bureaucratic hurdles, and new healthcare taxes were inculcated into the law of the land. This environment translates into reduced reimbursement, and a projected rise in consumer choice which demands an increase in the efficiency of operations combined with a demonstrated quality of care. This exigency makes the above excerpt from “Healthcare's Next Tsunami” even more problematic.

I wrote Healthcare's Next Tsunami in an effort to prepare health care providers for their inevitable future. that being said, “Healthcare's Next Tsunami, A Providers Primer” was published on June 26th and is available at Smashwords or it can be found on our website www.

Like our first book this is an e-book only and it is available for the iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, or your laptop, and in a few weeks it will be available for the Kobo Reader.

By the end of the year I hope to have it's sequel “Healthcare's Next Tsunami, The Tech Savvy Patient” ready for publication. As the name implies, the advancement of personal electronics, coupled with the cloud, and tablets, have brought healthcare information to the living room. It is a given that knowledge translates into the power of choices and the informed choice will have a dramatic impact on the old system of healthcare delivery.

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